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How would you like to come home to have lights come on automatically as you enter into your driveway? How would you like to be able to adjust the HVAC temperature of your home from your office or cell phone? What if you could have the added security that in the event an internal water pipe broke, your house will not be flooded, due to an automatic water shutoff system? Home Automation allows you to manage your lighting and temperature control in your home, while helping you reduce your energy bills. Conserving energy isn’t just good for the environment; it’s good for your pocketbook too.

Home Automation is no longer only an illusion, but rather a reality. Sight and Sound Systems, Inc. can develop a home automation system that is right for your needs today and also enhances your property value.

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Control System, Lighting Control, Home Automation in Prince William County With this Control System you will be able to fully control your HDTV theater system from the comfort of your couch all through an easy-to-use menu on your big screen itself! The Control4 System Remote frees you from the confusion of juggling multiple remote controls for your home theater. And Control4 Wireless Remotes are more than universal remotes. They feature bi-directional wireless communication, a backlit LCD screen, and the ability to browse media and control other automated devices in the home.

But there's more…. A Control4 Home Controller allows you to build anything from a basic home theater system to a whole-home automation solution. And it provides exciting features such as media storage, audio streaming and integration of consumer electronic devices. With this Control System you can be on your way to a true "smart home" in no time!

System includes:

• Control4 Home Controller
• Control4 System Remote
• Control4 Wireless Dimmer Switch
• Programming for control of up to 5 home theater devices, including automation    control of 1 included light switch.

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Home Security Systems, Alexandria City, Washington DC Lighting Control, Control System around Oakton, Maryland

Five-Device Universal IR/RF Remote Control System With that home theater, surround sound, plasma TV, or whole-house music system, you probably have at least three or more electronic components each with their own remote controls. And you may have the equipment in a different room than the one you want to control it from. Well, here is your solution. With this professionally programmed IR/RF universal remote control device you can have your theater or audio equipment in one room or closet and control it all from a separate room (range of up to 100 feet). And you can put aside those three, four, or even five individual remote controls and use just this one programmable, multipurpose control. With macro programming this remote system can even let you make a single touch to the ON button and it will turn on the TV, the surround sound system, and the satellite receiver, then set the TV to the correct video input, the surround system to the right audio settings, and finish by selecting your favorite satellite TV channel. Ease of use - now that's what automation is all about!

System includes:

• MX-350 IR/RF Universal Remote Control with multi-line LCD display
• MRF-250 RF receiver
• Programming for control of up to 5 devices, including macro programming of ON    button.

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Five-Device Universal IR/RF Remote Control System, Home Automation Five-Device Universal IR/RF Remote Control System in Falls Church, VA

Crestron Compact Control System in Falls Church Crestron 2-Series Control Systems are the brain of a complete integrated AV or automation solution. Every audio, video, and environmental element of the home, boardroom, classroom, or command center becomes integrated and accessible through the control system. Crestron 2-Series control systems are unmatched for power, performance and scalability, providing the ideal choice for today's demanding control applications.

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Crestron Compact Control System Home Automation Crestron Compact Control System

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