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The need to clean our homes will never go away; so the best we can hope for is the ability to make it easier and cleaner. No need to stop vacuuming while someone is on the phone or if the baby is sleeping. A central vacuum system is quiet and is so clean it actually reduces dust throughout the house. Central vacuums are ideal for families with children, elderly, pets or allergy issues. No more carrying heavy vacuum cleaners up and down the stairs. No more messy bags to buy and change. You may not look forward to vacuuming, but with a central vacuum system it'll be faster, cleaner, easier and quieter. Help keep your family and new house healthy and dust-free with a central vacuum system.
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Central Vacuum System The Dirt Devil Pro Series makes cleaning your home and protecting your family faster, cleaner, easier and quieter. This "whisper" quiet system is ideal for families with children, elderly, pets or allergy issues. No more carrying heavy vacuum cleaners or changing messy bags.

The package includes:

Dirt Devil® Pro Series 590 power unit
One Turbo Team Deluxe Cleaning Kit
Five Vacuum Inlets

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Vacuum Cleaner in Northern Virginia Central Vacuum System

Additional Inlet Add an additional central vacuum inlet. Use these inlets to provide coverage in added areas of your home (e.g., sun rooms, extended laundry room, finished basement).

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Additional Vacuum Inlet

Kitchen Dust Pan The VacPan® Automatic Dustpan provides quick clean-ups for kitchens, baths, mud rooms, and laundry areas.

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Kitchen Dust Pan

Vacuum Exhaust Outlet To make your system more effective against allergens and dust, use this option to vent vacuum exhaust to the outside of the home.

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Vacuum Exhaust Outlet - Dust Free

Vacuum Canister Upgrade Upgrade the central vacuum system with this powerful canister upgrade. With the power to clean 8,000 Sq ft, this upgrade will allow ease of cleaning for the larger home. This option is also required for more than 9 inlet valves, including the dust pan option.

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Vacuum Canister Upgrade

TurboTeam Deluxe Cleaning Kit Would you like the convenience of a cleaning kit with a hose on each level? Add an additional Turbo Team Deluxe Cleaning Kit for each area of your home. The Kit includes a TurboCat power head with chrome wands, 30’ TurboGrip hose, floor brush, upholstery tool, dusting brush, crevice tool, vinyl bag tool caddy and wire hose rack.

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TurboTeam Deluxe Cleaning Kit

ElectroGlide Deluxe Cleaning Kit Do you prefer the power of an electric-motor driven power head? Add an additional ElectroGlide Deluxe Cleaning Kit for each area of your home. The Kit includes a ElectroGlide power head with chrome wands, 30’ hose with 6’ electric power extension cord, floor brush, upholstery tool, dusting brush, crevice tool, vinyl bag tool caddy and wire hose rack.

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ElectroGlide Deluxe Cleaning Kit

Rug Rat Need a little helper for those hard to reach areas? Hand held turbine driven power brush is lightweight, powerful and perfect for stairways, auto upholstery, boats, RV's and other small spaces.

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Rug Rat

Garage and Car Care Cleaning Kit Need the same cleaning performance outside that you get inside? This rugged accessory kit is perfect for clean-ups in cars, boats, around garages and workshops. Comes with a 30 foot crush proof hose, 3 cleaning tools including crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool and a hose hanger.

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Garage and Car Care Cleaning Kit

Zip Broom Cleaning Kit Any mess is within reach of the Zip Broom's 5' hose, which expands to 30'. When it's time to clean up, simply plug the hose into an inlet valve and stretch it to the needed length for the vacuum job. It's so handy, even children can clean up after themselves.

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Zip Broom Cleaning Kit

Deluxe Bare Floor Kit The Deluxe Bare Floor Kit is perfect and desired for homes with hard-surface floorings such as wood, vinyl, tile or ceramic surfaces. The Deluxe Bare Floor Kit includes 30’ TurboGrip Hose, Deluxe One-Piece Adjustable Wand, 12" Deluxe Rug Tool, Premium Crevice Tool, Premium Dusting Tool, Premium Upholstery Tool, Hose Sock and the popular Dust Mop Tool.

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Deluxe Bare Floor Kit

WackyVac Attachment Looking for a tool to clean keyboards, pleated lamp shades and knick knacks? The incredible WackyVac has 25 suction pipes with soft-touch filament brushes that easily reach and clean small nooks and crannies.

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WackyVac Attachment

Mini Blind Vac Attachment The specially designed 1½" vacuum fingers quickly and effectively clean four mini blinds at the same time, eliminating messy wiping or dusting. The fingers simply glide between the blinds, vacuuming up dust and dirt on contact.

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Mini Blind Vac Attachment

Shutter Blind Vac Attachment Never wipe or dust blinds again!! This unique electrostatic brush tool attracts dust and particles like a magnet while sliding between the blind slats. Specifically designed to clean Plantation style blinds and shutters (up to 2¼" wide slats). The special air vent vacuums three slats at once.

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Shutter Blind Vac Attachment

Lint Brush Vac Attachment With the Lint Brush Vac Attachment it is simple and fast to remove lint, dust, threads and pet hairs from virtually any cloth surface and hard-to-clean fabrics - upholstery, clothing, bedspreads, curtains and car interiors. Featuring durable construction and a removable head for easy cleaning, the lint brush is designed to last.

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Lint Brush Vac Attachment

Ceiling Fan Vac Attachment Need a tool to clean that hard to reach ceiling fan? The unique hinge design of the Ceiling Fan Vac Attachment allows powerful 5" vacuum fingers to open and close snugly around the blade, cleaning both sides at the same time. Instantly removes dust and eliminates messy dust fallout.

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Ceiling Fan Vac Attachment

Pet Brush Vac Attachments The Pet Brush Attachment is a no fuss way to groom a pet while removing loose hairs caused by shedding. Two pivoting combs one on either side of the suction, remove deep down hair and undercoating, bringing it to the surface and making it easy to vacuum.

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Pet Brush Vac Attachments

WonderWand Vac Attachment Ever need to clean under the refrigerator, oven or other hard to move appliance or piece of furniture? The WonderWand cleans hard to reach spots quick and easy! The length adjusts to 36" and is only ½" thick so the WonderWand will go under, behind and over those hard to move objects. The attached magnetic strip on the cleaning tip also allows easy pick up of metal objects.

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WonderWand Vac Attachment

Circular Pet Brush Attachment The Circular Pet Brush Attachment takes unwanted hairs directly from a pet's coat into the vacuum before they have a chance to settle around the home. The 2¼" diameter brush has soft flexible teeth that gently groom your pet - ideal during shedding season!!

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Circular Pet Brush Attachment

Dust Mop Tool Would you like to dust and vacuum hard surface floors at the same time? The Dust Mop Tool captures and removes dust from hard to reach places. Simply remove the washable mop head for easy cleaning.

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Dust Mop Tool

Mini Tool Kit This tool set is a must for all hobbyists. The Mini Tool Kit includes two small dusting brushes, a small crevice tool, a small three foot hose and an adapter to attach to the end of your vacuum hose.

Great for:

Autos - dashboards, etc.
Computer keyboards.
Stereo equipment.

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Mini Tool Kit

7 inch Replacement Filter for 590 and 890 Canisters A replacement filter is a welcome option to have on hand for the times the Central Vacuum System filter becomes clogged with dirt and dust.

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7 inch Replacement Filter for 590 and 890 Canisters

30 inch Turbo Grip Hose Why not have an extra hose in every area that you want? With this affordable option, you can!

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30 inch Turbo Grip Hose

30 inch Hose with Electrical Connection Why not have an extra hose for your ElectroGlide Cleaning Kit? This hose comes with a 6’ electrical extension cord to plug the power head into an electrical outlet.

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30 inch Hose with Electrical Connection

Hose Sock Want to keep that vacuum hose from damaging your wood work and furniture as you pull it around the house? This quilted fabric hose cover protects your woodwork and furniture.

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Hose Sock

VROOM Central Works with your central vacuum to deliver more cleaning power than any handheld vacuum on the market. Easily installed in existing homes or new construction. Fits most standard kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Nothing to carry- leave your cleaning supplies and hoses in the closet.

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VROOM Central

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